Graphic Designer/Customiser

januari 30, 2007


New series of dunnys!

Here are 8 of my very own designed series of dunnys!!

Wishing Well Custom

First piece of 2007. Custom qee and dunny done for the Ava Wishing Well show held at Monkeyhouse toys, USA. The dunny that is Ava is defeating her evil virus (cancer).

2006 Army 4Cube

Finished in December of 2006. Fourcube by Kaching records done in army green with black and brown circles/arrows.

2006 16inch Metal Qeebot

Done in the last month of 2006. A 16 inch Bearqee all scratched up and painted with a mixture of silver and black.

2006 Snowman Munny

Did some house decoration with a munny for Xmas.

januari 02, 2007

The Demolisher

Custom Munny with one eyed Fatcap driver