Graphic Designer/Customiser

december 28, 2005

Xmas present

My sis wanted a dunny for my nephew Jesse for christmas. So, again, I finished it in a couple of hours including paintdry.

Birthday Present

This was a birthdaypresent for my friend Colin. He called me a day before the party so I made this dunny in an hour or so...

december 20, 2005

New smoke pack designs

Packs for Dragoncypher, Jeremy Gibbs and SKYN QFR

december 17, 2005

Dunny Dumbo Team

I worked on this for a few weeks but it's finally done.....II sell it though.........need....medi...cati....on.....aaargh...

olesdunny finished

At last the pack is finished now.......Let's go to the party!!!

Dunny design box

This is design pack I did as a gift for somebody. It includes a pack of cigarettes, a birthday card and a dunny. The dunny is not finished yet, I'm adding wings so it will go more with the package design.


Here's a pack of cigarettes which I did as a test for a birthday present for a friend of mine.

december 12, 2005

PaperBot work in progress

My latest design. A robot to make in paper. It's gonna be a DIY robot. You should choose your own arms, legs, guns and jetpacks. Here's the first sketches...

Full Metal Toyer

Here's one of my favorite pieces I made so far. It took some weeks but the result was great...

Toys 2 do

This is the list of toys that are gonna be done the next 2 months...

Space Monkey

This is a commission piece for AlfFx. He wanted a customised dalek monkey cuz his one was broken...

december 06, 2005

credit card designs

My own creditcard...

designs for ituxx

here several designs for the ituxx, a sticker for ipod nano