Graphic Designer/Customiser

oktober 31, 2005

My own Placemat...

Some studies for a LIV3R Placemat.

Disk art

Had some time left at work so I did some artwork on cd's and put on some backs...

hell's army Customs

Just finished a 3 inch Knuckle Bear in my Hell's Army painting style. It's posing together with another hell's Army custom, a 6 inch Dutch Digga...

oktober 30, 2005

trexi custom

I'm doing a trexi makeover. Giving him some kind of a spacesuit...

oktober 29, 2005

3" Knuckle Bear Custom

Did a little remodelling with this Sweet Little 3 inch Knuckle Bear.
I dunno, but somehow he likes lighters...

oktober 28, 2005

Customized Digga

Djektoyz sent me a prototype version of the first dutch designer toy, The Digga! I did some customizing with it and here's the result.

Painting Made with Spraycanz and stencil key sets

Normally I do my paintings with oilpaint but one of my friends motivated me to do some with stencil keys

3 designs 4 personal cards

Somebody asked me to make a design for their new company

Shoe Factory

For my girl I did this design for her shop.

My last piece (end 2004) before I became ill

Last year I had a liver desease. Some weeks before that I did my last piece. It got all this stitches and meat colors. Maybe I felt the sickness comin' up.

Design 4 Skateboard video

Made a video with a friend. Did some trial designs for it. This is one of them...

Commission graff job

Found some pix of last summers skatejam where I did this piece on a vert ramp

Design 4 Birthday Party

Design 4 some friends

oktober 27, 2005

Work in progress

DId some new things with my Mad Barbarian

Youngest graffiti piece

I tried something different with colors. (LIVER)

@ Home

My little workstudio...


Sketch 4 Djektoyz (DJEK & DIGGAZ)

oktober 26, 2005

Liv3r Patterns

Try outs for poster...

oktober 25, 2005

Last month graff

Graffiti jams of last month. 2 x liver

oktober 24, 2005

Mad Barbarians Under Construction

Some pix of a work in progress...


Here's a Brickboy in Hell's Army style. Didn't like to cut and glue so it isn't very nice...