Graphic Designer/Customiser

november 20, 2005

Trexi Robug Custom [02]

New trexi Robug!!

november 19, 2005

The Trexi Cyphernator

Did a trexi for my man DragonCypher in Brooklyn, NYC.

november 17, 2005

New Work in Progress

Keep working on the toys. Doing my first Qee Toyer 8 inch. Also fixing the barbarian I'm working on for some weeks and a trexi for a friend. The dunny is only stripped, no idea for that one yet.

november 14, 2005

Marine Dunny Tank

A dunny, a mad barbarian and a crazy mind...

november 13, 2005

Trexi Oxygen Tank 4 Darth Vader

Came up with an idea for my favorite star wars episodes. The ones from 1977-1983. I wanted to build Vader's tank inside a trexi head. Here the pix.

november 12, 2005

Work in progress Barbarian

I uuuuhhhh.....think something came up for this toy one day....

november 11, 2005

New Brickboy Designs

Made some new designs for my man Brickboy. Will be printed in 4 colours.

The Table...

Aaahhrrggg!!! I must be crazy?! Working on 4 toys at the same time.Maybe I should watch some tv now....

november 10, 2005

Making a monster vehicle (from Balbazar)

I wanna do something different with a trexi. So, I making a monster vehicle for it. Let him ride on the back of the moster. For that I used an old pokemon vinyl toy (Balbazar). Stripped it down in hot water. Put some sculpey clay on it. Today I'm gonna bake and sand it. You will see....

november 08, 2005

Soldier Dunny

My first 3inch (or 2) dunny. I thought it was finished but after some response from other designers I'm going to redesign it. More detailed camo. Making a bagpak and a belt for it. Doing another sort of head too. After all that he's gonna be a gunman on my Mad Barbarian tank. Pix coming soon...

november 06, 2005

Trexi Robug Custom (Finished)

At last...I finished the Robug. Took some more time 'cause I used some bad paint and had t do it over again. But, it worked out fine after all. Here are the pix.

Graffiti Scarecrow Custom (WiP)

Some pix of a project for my friend Buss010 from Djektoyz. He gave me a Creative peeps and asked me to do some graffiti on it. It's still a work in progress, I've to finish the back and find some "stuff" to build the scary arms....

november 04, 2005

Fusion Design with Brickboy

It's all very secret but I can show some inside info about a pattern design.

New Designs -> Flag Serie 1

Did some tests for a Liv3r Flag Serie. Here are the first sketches.

november 03, 2005

Trexi "Robug" Custom (work in progress)

First pix of my latest trexi custom. Called it ROBUG. It's acually a Bug with droïd parts in him...

november 02, 2005

Trexi Ocean Diver Custom

Hell yeah, my first trexi custom. It's an Ocean Diver out of the Pacific...

november 01, 2005


I had a call from a televisioncompany (BNN) to do an interview about people who are or were on a list to get a new organ (donor). I already had a new organ (Liver) but I was still on the list for a new one 'cause the other one didn't work that well. So, they did a report with me in the hospital where I did this Liver Painting. These are pix taken from tlevision.

Sketch for painting

I wanna do something abstract for a next painting so I did some sketches. It's nice but not what I want...

Logo try outs for friend

A friend asked me to design a logo for him...he likes sk8boarding