Graphic Designer/Customiser

januari 30, 2006

LIV3R up at VinylPulse

Mad props to the people of VinlyPulse for putting on my Scouted Clone Munny!!!

januari 22, 2006


Finished the munny for the Huck auction at
This munny comes with: flag, gun, scouter droid and stand with changeable backgrounds!
35 munnys will start at the auction on feb. 17

januari 21, 2006

next in Line: 10inch Labbit and 6inch GID munny

Another job to do. Labbit and Munny for private collectors

next in Line: CP for KR auction

Woohoo!! LIV3R has invited to be part of the CP auction on KR...

Robug Team up to VinylFixx

Yes!! These Robug brothers are on sale at
Selling start on feb 14 > $200,-

Custom shoe (nickelson)

First of 2 customised shoes

12" custom bus

First side of the cusotm bus finished

januari 04, 2006

Hot stuff! Liv3r in BLDD

Yeeehaaa!!! Thanx to Keitai for putting me in the BLDD, mad props!!!